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State Customer Experience Evaluations

The recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters and target shooters is a shared goal among the conservation community. Current R3 efforts are demonstrating that the conservation community could benefit from projects and research that offer better insights into customer demographics and also strategies to build better relationships with these customers.

The Council received a Multi State Conservation Grant to help state fish and wildlife agencies to enhance their digital outreach and social media communications efforts. A final product of this grant is the report below, which is designed to help guide states in building their internal capabilities to support future recruitment and retention efforts as well as help states build capacity to collect customer information and design strategies in targeted outreach efforts.

As part of this project, the Council produced customer experience evaluations for each state. These evaluations were designed to help state fish and wildlife agencies evaluate how a state agency sells hunting and shooting opportunities through its website and other electronic media.

A key benefit of this project lays the foundation for state agencies to view customers in a new and more business-like fashion. It provides an opportunity to change customer relationships from a transactional and occasional sales-based relationship to a relationship based on long-term engagement and conversation. Recommendations are intended to help state agencies use new technologies to reach new audiences in a dynamic, cost-effective manner.

28 percent of all hunters and 29 percent of all anglers surveyed report buying licenses online