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If you are looking for the foundational information on R3 or are looking for R3 resources to help train your staff or stakeholders on what R3 is and how it functions, check out this series of short R3 Training Videos.

1. Why Hunting & Shooting Sports are Important
2. What is R3?
3. What is the ORAM?
4. Best Practices for R3
5. Community Resources for R3


R3 Topic Guides

The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports convened the National R3 Implementation Workgroup in 2018 to help further the implementation of the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan. This group of R3 experts dedicated over 5,500 collective hours to identify priorities, define strategies, collect feedback, and develop products to help advance R3. The R3 Topic Guides are a collection of four resources developed by the group to help tackle subject matters that were identified as priorities.


A collection of marketing best practices with examples and templates for R3 professionals to implement.


A self-assessment tool that R3 professionals can use to improve the design of their mentoring programs.

Statewide Collaboration

Best practices to develop state-wide R3 collaborations including case studies from some leading states.

Organizational Culture

A resource to develop R3 coordinator and organization-wide R3 positions.


The Council

We are here to help! Whether you’re needing a sounding board, looking for resources, needing help on a grant, going through R3 planning, or needing support for an R3 stakeholder summit, the Council is here to provide you with the support you need to succeed. Sign up for the latest news and events on the News & Events Overview page or contact us at

Join the R3 Community

If you haven’t yet, join the National R3 Community.

This is a private social media network of over 3,000 R3 practitioners! This is where your colleagues go to share lessons learned, celebrate successes, ask questions, brainstorm, and story-tell.

Angling and Boating R3

If you are needing help with angling and boating R3-specific initiatives, RBFF is here to help! You can reach them here

R3 Committees

If you are looking for a way to get involved at the regional and national level, the best way to connect is through your regional Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and their R3 Committee. These are your next-door neighbors who are dealing with the same things you are and can help provide guidance, offer support, and get you involved with regional R3 initiatives that elevate and amplify your state work! To get connected, contact your R3 Committee Chair:

Midwest: Chair Megan Wisecup

Co-Chair: Jeff Rawlinson

Regional R3 Coordinator: Keith Warnke

Northeast: Chair Astrid Huseby

West: Chair Scott Lavin

Co-Chair: Aaron Hershberger

Southeast: Chair Justin Grider

Co-Chair: Brian Clark

Regional R3 Coordinator: Olivia Harmsen

National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan

National hunting and shooting sports action plan cover

For angling R3 best practices

PDF cover actionable strategies for Angler recruitment, retention, and reactivation final report

Evolution and Current Use of the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model

Evolution and Current Use of the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model

R3 and the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model

R3 and the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model