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R3 Coordinators

This webpage serves as a resource for the hunting and shooting sports R3 community. Locate the state agency or nonprofit organization below to find the correct R3 coordinator contact.

If you want to add your R3 organization or change an existing R3 coordinator contact please submit a request to

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Alabama state flag
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Justin Grider
R3 Coordinator

Alaska state flag
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Ginamaria Smith

Arizona State Flag
Arizona Department of Game and Fish

Scott Lavin
R3 Branch Manager

Doug Burt
R3 Manager

Chase Newlon
Fishing R3 Coordinator

Trout Unlimited

Alec Young
AZ Angling R3 Coordinator

National Wild Turkey Federation

Jesse Warner
R3 Coordinator

Arkansas State Flag
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Hollie Sanders
Assistant Chief of Education

California State Flag
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Taylor Williams


Jen Benedet

Colorado State flag
Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife

Bryan Posthumus

Connecticut State flag
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Will Cassidy

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Mark Ostroski
Outreach Administrator

Florida State flag
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Brandon Stys
R3 Fishing Coordinator

Grayson Giles
R3 Hunting and Shooting Sports Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Audrey Hawk
GA/FL Outreach Coordinator

Georgia State flag
Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division

Marion Baker
Angler R3 Coordinator

Georgia Wildlife Federation

Breanna Bashford
R3 Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Audrey Hawk
GA/FL Outreach Coordinator

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Dan Dennison
Senior Communications Manager

Idaho State flag
Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Ian Malepeai

Illinois State flag
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Nicky Strahl


Illinois Natural History Survey

Dan Stephens

Indiana State flag
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife

Cindy Stites
Wildlife Recreation Program Manager

Nicole Alonso-Leach
Outdoor Education: Community Engagement Specialist

Christopher Conner
Outdoor Education: Fishing Coordinator

Branndon Castellano
Outdoor Education: Hunt/Trap/Shoot Coordinator

Iowa State flag
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Megan Wisecup

Rachel Alliss

Jamie Cook

Kansas State flag
Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks

Tanna Wagner

Kentucky State flag
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Becky Bloomfield
R3 Specialist/Field to Fork

Easton Copley
Aquatic Ed Coordinator

Lisa Johnson
NASP®️ State Coordinator

Brent McCarty
Shooting Range Access Coordinator

Rachel Crume
R3 Branch Manager

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Rene LeBreton
Public Information Director

Maine State flag
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Emily MacCabe
Information & Education Director

Chelsea Lathrop
Education and Outreach Coordinator

Maryland State flag
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Christopher Markin
Information and Hunting R3 Program Manager

Victoria “Torey” Vayer
R3 Coordinator and Videographer

Massachusetts State flag
Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife

Nicole McSweeney
Assistant Director, Outreach and Education

Astrid Huseby
R3 Coordinator

Michigan State flag
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Todd Grischke
R3 Coordinator

National Wild Turkey Federation

Morgan Register
R3 & Relevancy Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Bill Fischer
Michigan Outreach Coordinator

Minnesota State flag
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

James Burnham

Mississippi State flag
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

Jeremy Bass
Director of Marketing and Communications

Missouri State flag
Missouri Department of Conservation

Eric Edwards
Hunter & Angler Marketing Specialist

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Kim Cole
Missouri Outreach Coordinator

Montana State flag
Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Greg Lemon

Nebraska State flag
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Jeff Rawlinson

Aaron Hershberger

Hunter Nikolai

National Wild Turkey Federation

Michael Addison
R3 Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Holly Mauslein
Nebraska Outreach Coordinator

Nevada State flag
Nevada Department of Wildlife

Aaron Keller

New Hampshire State flag
New Hampshire Fish and Game

Josh Mackay
Hunter Education Coordinator

New Jersey state flag
New Jersey Fish and Wildlife

Joe Leskie
R3 Administrator (Hunting & Shooting Sports)

new mexico state flag
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

James Pitman
Chief, Information & Education

Dominic Martsh
R3 Program Manager

Cody Johnston
Responsible Hunter Program & Shooting Sports Coordinator

New York
New York Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources

David Nelson
Director of Outreach & Promotion

North Carolina state flag
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Sandra Bridges
Operations and Program Development Manager

Walter “Deet” James
Hunter Engagement Coordinator

Lee Scripture
Shooting Sports Engagement Specialist

North Dakota state flag
North Dakota Game and Fish Department

Cayla Bendel
R3 Coordinator

Brian Schaffer
Hunter Ed Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Seth Owens
North Dakota Education and Outreach Coordinator

Ohio State flag
Ohio Department of Natural Resources & MAFWA

Jordan Phillips
Outdoor Skills Specialist

Oklahoma State flag
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Micah Holmes
Assistant Chief, Communication and Education Division


Kasie Harriet
R3 Coordinator

Oregon State flag
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Antonio Salgado
R3 Coordinator

Amanda Solla
Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Brandon Dyches
Oregon Hunt Program Coordinator

Pennsylvania State flag
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Courtney Colley-LaCivita
Hunter Education and Outreach Division Chief

Courtney Braunns
R3 Program Specialist

Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife

Dan Lehman
Hunting/Sport Shooting R3 Specialist

South Carolina State flag
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Amanda Stroud
Director of Strategic Communications

Rebecca Brown
Social Science Coordinator

South Dakota State flag
South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks

Shala Larson

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

Isaac Full
South Dakota R3 Veterans Outreach Coordinator

Tennessee State flag
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Matt Clarey
Assistant Chief, Marketing and Special Projects

Tennessee Wildlife Federation

Mike Butler

Texas State flag
Texas Parks and Wildlife Agency

Jason Mercer
R3 Coordinator

Hiring Now
Hunting and Shooting Sports R3 Coordinator

Utah State flag
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Matt Bartley

Vermont State flag
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

Nicole Meier

Virginia State flag
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

David Hennaman
R3 Coordinator

Washington State flag
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

David Whipple
Hunter Education & R3 Section Manager

Kelly Riordan
Hunting R3 Coordinator

John Pahutski
Angling R3 Coordinator

West Virginia State flag
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources

Ashley Anderson
R3 Coordinator

Wisconsin State flag
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Emily Iehl

Theresa Stabo

Ashley Van Egtern

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever

John Motoviloff
Wisconsin R3 and Outreach Coordinator

Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Peggy Farrell

Wyoming State flag
Wyoming Game and Fish Department

William Poole

Non-Profit Organizations

american sportsfishing association

Contact Unavailable

Archery Trade Assoc.

Contact Unavailable

backcountry hunters & anglers

Trey Curtiss
R3 Coordinator

Delta Waterfowl

Joel Brice
Chief Conservation Officer

Stephen Sowell
R3 Coordinator – US

Alan Cattrysse
R3 Coordinator – Canada

Aidan Flores
R3 Coordinator – Texas

Ducks Unlimited

Mark Horobetz
Manager of Youth
and Education Programs

First Hunt Foundation

Rick Brazell

Mule Deer Foundation

JJ Hinton
Outreach Coordinator


Hank Forester
Director of Hunting

Jenifer Wisniewski
Chief Marketing Officer


Contact Unavailable


Mandy Harling
Director of Hunting
Heritage Programs

Artemis National Wildlife Federation

Carlee Koutnik
Program Manager

Pass It On! Outdoor Mentors

Mike Christensen

Brittany French
Chief Executive Officer

Pheasants Forever Quail Forever

Ashley Chance
Hunting Heritage
Program Manager


Contact Unavailable
State R3
Program Director

Ruffed Grouse Society

Mark Fouts
Director of Member
Relations and Outreach

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Liz Ogilvie
Chief Communications Officer

USA Clay target

John Nelson