What is R3?

Participation in hunting and recreational shooting has been generally declining since the 1980s. Hunting license sales produce valuable funding each year for wildlife conservation and habitat restoration, while hunter expenditures generate billions of dollars annually for the national economy and support hundreds of thousands of jobs. Development and use of partnerships and strategic models must continue to be utilized to halt and reverse the declining trend in hunting participation.

If the downward participation trend continues, it will result in a diminished capacity to conserve species cherished by hunters and all outdoor enthusiasts. The threat is real. But from the crucible of crisis opportunity emerges — to ensure that wildlife conservation remains fueled by hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts.

RECRUITMENT, RETENTION AND REACTIVATION, “R3” is an important issue for anyone concerned about wildlife management, conservation and the future of our hunting traditions.

Another common concept of R3 is the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model. Read more on science and evolution of the Outdoor Recreation Model, and how it may be a useful tool in developing R3 efforts.